Types of pearls

South Sea Pearls (Pinctada maxima)

Pinctada maxima, or South Sea pearls, range in size from 8-20 mm, although any pearl over 16mm is considered a rarity.  These pearls are renowned for their beautiful white nacre.  This species also produces golden pearls which naturally come in a stunning range of light to deep golden hues.

Tahitian Pearls (Pinctada margaritifera)

Pinctada margaritifera are also known as Tahitian or Black pearls.  Like South Sea pearls, they range in size from 8-20mm.  They are known for their deep, dark colors, but also produce a beautiful array of colored pearls, such as peacock green, pistachio, and aubergine.

Akoya Pearls (Pinctada fucata martensi)

Pinctada fucata martensi or Akoya pearls are smaller in size, rarely exceeding 9mm, and can come in shades of pink, cream, or bluish/silver.  They are primarily found in the waters of Japan and China.