Frequently asked

Q: Do natural pearls exist?
A: Natural pearls, or pearls made without a man-inserted nucleus, are formed when an irritant is introduced inside the oyster. As the nacre forms around the irritant it will begin to form a pearl.  Natural pearls exist, but are extremely rare.  One in about 15,000 pearl oysters will carry a natural pearl.
Q: Do you sell dyed or color-treated pearls?
A: Never. No dyes or color- treatment is made to any pearl.  All pearls are 100% natural.
Q:  What is keshi?
A: Simply stated, keshi is pure nacre.  It is created when nacre forms without a nucleus to coat.  It is a rare occurrence.
Q: How can I take a look at your pearls and pearl jewelry?
A: Online or call to make an appointment. You can also send an email through the Contact  page to schedule an appointment.